Don't Meth With Us Foundation, Inc

Dont Meth with us!
Do you want to stop the Drug Use in your Community?

Consider this "FREE" Program, designed for you and your organization.

This program is proven to work from actual experience since being introduced in 2006 in San Juan County New Mexico. There are civic organizations on 4 Continents now doing it and making a huge difference in their community and the world. Everything you need is laid out for you on this Web Site, just go to the Navigation bar and look around. You can Download a Power-Point, watch a real Presentation, read letters from our Sheriff and other elected officials that have a first hand knowledge of the success of this program. We are available by contacting us.

Our Mission is to educate children and families about the consequences of methamphetamine, arming them with the tools necessary to combat illicit drug use and addiction. To accomplish this, we go into the schools and engage students on a personal level, opening their eyes to a bright, drug-free future.

OUR VISION: is to develop a growing network of service organizations in a unified front against drug abuse. We work to bring together business and civic leaders to use their skills to empower youth in the community, breaking the cycle of drug addiction. The success we have forged in San Juan County NM will permeate through other communities as more organizations and individuals rally together under a banner that reads "Don't Meth With Us."

Contact us to find out more about setting up a program in your community.

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